Remodeling Services

A luxury remodel can create the house you’ve always wanted or increase the resale value of your home. Whether you’re looking for a full kitchen remodel or a finish to your basement, Fairchild Renovations provides the integrity and quality you want. Our remodeling services include the following:


Your kitchen remodel may include changes to cabinetry, counters, tiling, lighting, wall color, and appliances. You can make a kitchen that is new and enjoyable and makes the heart of your home gorgeous. If you’ve been dreaming of a quality countertop or a kitchen island for more surface area, our kitchen remodeling services can make those dreams a reality.

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A bathroom remodel can transform an outdated or crowded bathroom. Shower and tub updates, storage additions, new lighting and tiling, and inferior wall changes can transform your bathroom. Freshen the look of your bathroom and create a room that meets the needs of you and your family.

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Basement Finishes

At Fairchild Renovations, we offer luxury remodeling that can create the space you envision. A finished basement can significantly improve the amount of living space available in your home. Rather than being only for storage, you can transform your basement into an entertainment space, another bedroom, or even a functional storage space.

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Other Services

  • Custom Showers: You may want to expand your shower or create the perfect layout.
  • Custom Carpentry: Your remodel could include custom shelves, cabinets, closets, and furniture.
  • Custom Tiling: Custom luxury tiling can add an artisan touch to any room for bathrooms, kitchens, and more.
  • And more! Fairchild Renovations can handle whatever your remodeling needs are.

Our team has the experience you’re looking for, and we bring you reliable and highly skilled work.

Remodel Process

Alignment is the foundation of every project.

Our Phased Remodel Approval Process has three (3) defined stopping points to provide transparency and to maintain engagement with the project execution.

Upon completing the demolition phase of the project we stop and inspect the project area with our Client to assure our property preservation measures are mitigating our presence in the home and to address any discovered conditions or obstructions to our plan and design.

The “bones” or functional components in every space is of the utmost importance, but never seen once the project is finished.  Upon our completion of rough-in scope of work (framing, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC modifications, etc.), we again stop.  We inspect this important phase of the project with Client to assure the quality of our work, the adherence to the project plan, and to confirm the all-important details of the placement of switches, receptacles, and fixtures.  The Phase II inspection often times results in the fine tuning to assure the location of fixtures and devices are specific to the unique desires of our Client.

After our Client’s approval of the rough-in work, we start the reconstruction phase where the vision starts to become a reality.  As we near completion we stop and inspect the project to assure the final fit and finish.

Our disciplined, Phase Approval Process supports our desired interest to remain in step with our Client’s vision and provides full transparency throughout the process.

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