Choosing Between Polymer Modified and Oxidized Asphalt Shingles


Your home’s roof is its shield against the elements, so choosing the right shingles is crucial. Two popular options stand out: Polymer Modified (PM) and Oxidized Asphalt. While both protect your home, understanding their key differences empowers you to make an informed decision.

PM Shingles: The Modern Shield
Imagine traditional asphalt shingles infused with advanced technology. That’s the essence of PM shingles. An additional layer of polymer strengthens the asphalt, leading to several advantages:

  • Weather Warrior: Hail, heavy rain, and strong winds? PM shingles shrug them off. Their enhanced durability makes them ideal for areas prone to harsh weather.
  • Sun Stopper: PM shingles laugh at the sun’s harmful rays. Their superior UV resistance ensures they retain their color and beauty for longer, resisting fading and brittleness.
  • Bend Don’t Break: Temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on roofs. PM shingles’ flexibility allows them to adapt, reducing the risk of cracking or splitting.
  • Long-Term Guardian: Unlike their traditional counterparts, PM shingles boast a longer lifespan, typically lasting 30+ years with proper care.
Oxidized Asphalt Shingles: The Classic Protector
These time-tested shingles have a proven track record and offer several benefits:
  • Budget-Friendly Hero: Cost is often a deciding factor, and Oxidized Asphalt shingles shine here. They are generally more affordable than PM shingles, making them a budget-conscious choice.
  • Time-Tested Performance: Decades of use in various climates attest to their reliability and effectiveness. You can trust their ability to protect your home.
  • Suitable for Most: For standard roofing needs in areas with mild to moderate weather, these shingles offer sufficient protection.
  • Easy Installation: Simple installation means lower labor costs, potentially offsetting the slightly higher upfront cost compared to PM shingles.
The Right Choice for Your Roof
Ultimately, the “best” shingle depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Consider these factors:
  • Climate: For harsh weather, PM shingles’ superior durability might be worth the investment. In milder climates, Oxidized Asphalt shingles may suffice.
  • Budget: If cost is a major concern, Oxidized Asphalt shingles offer affordability. However, consider the long-term value proposition of PM shingles’ extended lifespan.
  • Aesthetics: Both options come in various colors and styles, so you can match your desired look.
Seek Expert Guidance from Fairchild Renovations
We suggest consulting us at Fairchild as a qualified roofing professional. It’s crucial! We can assess your specific needs, consider the Indiana climate, and recommend the optimal shingle type for your home. Remember, a well-maintained roof protects your most valuable asset, so choose wisely! Need a roof inspection? Contact us today at Fairchild Renovations.