Your Custom Shower Remodel

When you need remodeling for a custom shower in your Indianapolis area home, Fairchild Renovations can bring you luxury options and design the perfect shower for you. There are several reasons you may want a high-quality custom shower. There may not be enough room in the shower, there could be an accessibility issue, or it may appear old and worn.

You can bring in your ideas for a custom shower, and our professionals can create a plan to make them real. You can improve the shower’s look, function, or style however you want, and we can transform it, improving the feel of the bathroom and making your life easier. Our experts work with you throughout the process of making a custom shower so you know the shower fits your requirements.

Features for Your Custom Shower Remodeling

Your beautiful custom shower can fit your aesthetic and functional needs when you work with Fairchild Renovations, and you can expect the work to be to a high-quality standard. When you work with our team for your dream shower, you can include features such as:

  • Gorgeous custom tiling
  • High-quality mold- and water-resistant materials
  • Glass shower door, frameless or framed
  • Custom shower base
  • Shelves and nooks
  • In-shower seating
  • New fixtures
  • Amazing water pressure
  • Freestanding bathtubs
  • Improved lighting
  • Greater convenience and comfort

A custom shower can look amazing and provide for your and your family’s needs. Your custom shower can be part of a larger bathroom remodeling, or you can just focus on creating the perfect shower for your needs. When you work with Fairchild Renovations, you get the high-end shower remodel of your dreams.

Our Process

We are proud to serve our community in Indianapolis and want to ensure our clients’ needs are held as a high priority. When you bring your ideas or designs for a custom shower to Fairchild Renovations, we work with you to create plans. We give you a comprehensive quote for your new custom shower. This quote is reliable, so you feel confident and know what to expect from our services.

We provide a number of materials and designs, including custom tile. These options provide you with a unique and beautiful shower design. When we work on the remodeling process, our expert general contractors provide skillful and careful work. Our teams are cautious around your home and ensure protection for the rest of your home and the bathroom during your shower remodeling.

Fairchild Renovations has a highly skilled team with many years of experience. The project manager ensures the work is to a high standard while remaining on an efficient schedule. They will also keep in contact throughout the project so you know things are going according to your wishes. This means we can handle whatever your remodeling needs are.

You can enjoy a high-quality and gorgeous custom shower when you work with Fairchild Renovations. Improve your daily comfort and convenience by improving your shower experience.

Get Your Custom Shower Remodel

Contact Fairchild Renovations for a luxury new shower system to improve your daily life.