Identifying and Repairing Sources of Moisture

Water is elusive and can cause serious damage to your home and in the interior, can be harmful to your health.

Some results of water and moisture are damaged/discolored walls and ceilings, discolored and swollen trim, floor imperfections, “soft” floors, and odor.  The source of the water must be identified and repaired; anything less is a temporary band aid.  While some sources of water are obvious, many issues require considerable experience in all facets of residential construction.

At Fairchild Renovations, we have the diversity of knowledge and experience, with over a decade of proven experience for homeowners and other trade professionals, in the identification and repair of water sources, as well as the repair of the resulting damage.  We have invested in state of the art equipment.  We execute a methodical and disciplined process to assure the issue(s) is/are resolved.   We’re proud to serve our community, and we are ready to bring you high-quality repairs and service. We understand damage to your home is stressful, and we’ll provide the necessary services for any part of your house.

The Importance of Getting to the Source

The damage caused by water/moisture is what you see.  Repairing what can be seen is not really a repair at all and can lead to a false sense of security (and result in increased hidden damage).  Whether interior or exterior, Fairchild Renovations will get to the source, repair the source and test the repair with our Client’s present, before we ever perform the reconstruction repairs.  The sooner you address these issue, the less its likely to impact the rest of your home.

A professional service provider will give you a complete assessment. You can also receive professional advice regarding avoiding future damage.

Signs of Potential Moisture/Water Damage

Water damaged walls and ceiling are obvious to most homeowners.  However, some damage is not obvious and often times overlooked or not readily visible.  Moisture damage can manifest in several ways such as:

  • Odors
  • Deflection and “soft” spots in your floor
  • Doors and windows that are difficult to open/close
  • Toilets that are loose to the floor
  • Wet insulation in crawl space, basements, or attics
  • Attics with rusted nails and discolored decking
  • On the exterior, if you are constantly repairing or replacing an area of siding or trim (or painting an area), there is usually an underlying defect that needs to be addressed.

If unchecked, these damages become more costly over time. Water can cause immediate damage, but we see more instances where there has been a small amount of water or moisture occurring over a long period of time.  By the time it is recognized, the damage can be serious.

Water damage can compromise the structural integrity of your home if it’s not addressed.  Mold can result from long-term water damage and can make your home unhealthy.

Our Repair Process

At Fairchild Renovations, we put our community first. We want to provide you and your family with the high-quality repairs you deserve, and we’ll complete restoration with care and efficiency. We provide you with a professional inspection and appraisal of the damage, followed by a reliable quote. We want you to know what to expect from our repairs. Our team can answer any questions or concerns you have, and if applicable can help you work through the insurance claim process.

Our team at Fairchild Renovations is fully prepared for whatever work is needed. Water damage can be overwhelming, and we want to take care of it so you can feel safe in your home. We strive to have the repair work done as quickly as possible while still providing high-quality work you can trust.

Moisture Damage Repair and Restoration With Fairchild Renovations

When you’re dealing with water damage, contact Fairchild Renovations. We can provide effective protection for your home and keep it safe from long-term damage.