Siding Replacement and Renovation

The exterior of your home provides the first impression. When you have damaged or worn siding, professionally installed siding replacement can significantly increase the beauty and value of your home. New siding can also improve the protection your home has from the elements and lower the risk of water damage and pest infestation. When you select siding for your home’s renovation, you could even change the house’s look, giving it an entirely new aesthetic.

You want to ensure your siding installation is done by a team that understands the importance of quality work. At Fairchild Renovations, this is the work we do. Our luxury and high-end renovations have been helping families and homeowners for more than 12 years. We are committed to bringing quality service to our communities around Indianapolis. Whether siding replacement is one piece of your renovation or your only goal, our team can bring you the efficient and amazing service your home needs.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Siding

Any break or weakness in your home’s siding can also cause moisture to get behind it, which can lead to the weakening of the house’s structure and create interior water damage. Siding can also get worn over time and be less effective at insulating the house. Signs that you should consider siding replacement include:

  • Fading color or discoloration
  • Water staining
  • Bubbling paint or vinyl
  • Cracks, dents, or small holes in the vinyl surface
  • Warped, sagging, or bendable siding
  • Loose or missing siding panels
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Rotting or peeling siding and paint

Benefits of New siding

New siding has several benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency. New siding improves insulation, and you can even add more insulation during installation.
  • Improved appearance and beauty. New siding also has increased protection from natural wear and tear.
  • Increased home value and resale value. Increased curb appeal increases a home’s value.
  • Increased structural integrity. New siding prevents moisture, mold, rot, and other elemental damage.

Our Siding Replacement Process

When you require siding replacement and renovation, bring your ideas or plans to Fairchild Renovations. Our professionals will make your idea a reality and provide you with a comprehensive quote for the process. Siding needs to be done correctly to protect your home and your family, and we ensure our work will be done effectively and to a high standard. Our team has a range of knowledge and skills that allows us to handle whatever your renovation project needs.

When you work with our certified teams, you will always know what to expect. Project managers for your renovation process will ensure everything is high quality. They will also communicate with you to ensure the renovation is going according to your plan.

Fairchild Renovations is proud to serve our community and protect homeowners, their families, and their homes. Our teams ensure extreme care in and around your home during the renovation, cleaning up and protecting the house’s exterior from damage. It’s important to us that you are fully satisfied with the siding replacement installation.

Siding Replacement From Fairchild Renovations

When you need high-end siding replacement, contact Fairchild Renovations. We can help you create your ideal home.