What’s the Difference Between a Class 3 Shingle and a Class 4 Shingle?


When selecting a type of roof shingle, understanding the importance of impact resistance is crucial. Here’s where Class 3 and Class 4 shingles come in, offering distinct levels of protection for your home. Let’s break down the key differences and guide you towards the perfect choice for your roof.

Class 3 Shingles: Moderate Protection, Budget-Friendly Choice

Think of them as: The reliable workhorse.
Impact resistance: Withstands a 1.25-inch steel ball dropped from 9 feet.
Ideal for: Areas with low to moderate risk of hail and debris impact.
Affordability: Easier on the wallet compared to Class 4.
Decent protection: Offers basic defense against hail and other impacts.
Wide variety: Available in various styles and colors to match your home’s aesthetics.

Class 4 Shingles: Ultimate Shield, Premium Investment

Think of them as: The fortress against the elements.
Impact resistance: Takes a beating! Withstands a 2-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet.
Ideal for: Regions prone to severe weather, frequent hailstorms, or flying debris.
Exceptional durability: Built to endure even the most intense weather conditions.
Insurance discounts: Potential savings on homeowners’ insurance due to superior protection.
Peace of mind: Unwavering confidence knowing your roof can handle anything nature throws its way.
Increased home value: Boosts your property’s resale value as a desirable and valuable feature.

Making the Right Decision
The best choice comes down to your specific needs:

Location: Consider your region’s weather patterns and risk of severe events.
Budget: Weigh the initial cost difference against potential insurance savings and long-term durability benefits.
Protection level: Determine the level of security you desire for your home and belongings.

Remember, consulting a qualified roofing professional such as us at Fairchild Renovations is key. We can assess your specific situation and recommend the optimal impact resistance level for your roof, ensuring your home stays protected and you have peace of mind, no matter the weather. Contact Fairchild Renovations today!